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Our Plan to Cozy Up Our Bedroom

Our Plan to Cozy Up Our Bedroom

Since moving into our new house, our master bedroom fell low on the priority list. Mainly because we had to order a few pieces that took some time to arrive. But now that our mattress and bed frame are all set up, we’ve started to work on the space. We knew we wanted to paint the room a warm color to create a really cozy space. It’s really important for us to feel super relaxed when we slide into bed at night. We went back and forth on which color would be best. After looking at 89892 paint swatches, we decided on ‘Russian Olive’ by Behr Marquee. We were totally shocked by the quality of this paint. We were told it was good by tons of people but still felt nervous. We’ve been in so many situations where the wall needed more than one coat. But this one went on so well and made painting so much easier. Oh, and we went with a matte finish. We thought this would look the best in the space. It made the room super dark and moody.

Since the walls are dark, we went with a light bed frame. We wanted there to be a good amount of contrast so we chose a linen upholstered frame. The padding makes for a comfy back cushion. We also love that it is super low to the ground. It’s almost like a platform bed — super easy for Toby to jump on lol. We still need to find a new duvet cover but we’re making progress!! What do you think??

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