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flatlay of breakfast toasts

flatlay of breakfast toasts

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6 healthy toasts

avocado toast

blueberry toast

tomato basil toast

It’s Saturday and it’s time for #BLOGMAS day 4! Today, it’s all about toast. For starters, almost everyone loves bread. You just can’t go wrong with a warm piece of toast. But toast can get pretty boring AND pretty unhealthy if you aren’t creative. That’s why we’re giving you guys 6 different ways to spice up your toast game. There are so many variations to these recipes. You can really do just about anything and it will still taste great. For our toast, we always use Udi’s Gluten-Free Whole Grain Bread. You guys might not know this but Mike is allergic to gluten. That’s why we eat mostly gluten-free, well Alex doesn’t always! Also, this bread tastes so much better than the ordinary loaf you buy at the store. We’ve really become addicted. Woops.

Like we said, you can swap out these ingredients if there is something you don’t care for. At least this gives you a good idea on how to spice things up and get creative in the kitchen.

  1. Avocado with Sunny Side Up Egg
  2. Avocado with Pink Himalayan Salt, Ground Pepper, and Garlic Powder
  3. Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter with Banana, Topped with Chia Seeds
  4. Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter with Blueberries, Topped with Chia Seeds
  5. Tomato, Mozzarella, Spinach, and Balsamic Vinaigrette
  6.  Berry Greek Yogurt with Purely Elizabeth Granola and Blueberries

We challenge you to try one of these recipes tomorrow morning. We’re sure you’ll find something you like among this list. Be sure to snap a pic and tag us! We love hearing what you guys think.

Have a great weekend! Stay tuned for more of #BLOGMAS!

Until next time…


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7 years ago

I’m so gutted there’s no bread in the house right now. WHYYYYYYY.

7 years ago
Reply to  Tereza

Looks like you’ll have to make a trip to the store ASAP! Enjoy!

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