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Wait, I’m in the real world…

Wait, I’m in the real world…

Breathe in, breathe out. Okay, you’re probably wondering why we are telling you to breathe. Of course you know that you have to breathe. But think about it more than just the literal function. We are telling you to calm down. If you are anything like us then you are in a daily struggle between loving your life and totally freaking out about the future. You just graduated college and think that everything should just fall into place. You are ready to go out there, nail that interview and land your dream job. Next you’ll start rolling in the money and booking your trip to Cabo. Oh, if only life was that simple. The only problem is life would be pretty damn boring if there weren’t some ups and downs along the way. Who decided that you must have everything figured out by the time you turn 25? Life is a roller coaster with twists and turns and highs and lows. You are meant to be scared, nervous and totally clueless. You’re meant to learn from your mistakes and build your character. Being fired from your job doesn’t mean you are a failure though it may mean you need to find something else. Things happen for a reason. From failure comes growth. Stop worrying about having your life mapped out. If things fell into place exactly the way you planned then life would become lackluster and boring. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and cut yourself some slack. Your 20’s are supposed to be your wild, adventurous years. Allow yourself to be open to whatever is waiting around the corner. Be spontaneous and laugh until you turn blue. Life is short and you only get one chance. So breathe in and breathe out. No matter what happens things will always work out the way they are meant to be. That my friends is keeping it real.

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