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Who’s in the holiday mood?! Hopefully everyone! We’re almost halfway through December and just around the corner from the new year. CRAZY. The year has flown by. But there’s definitely plenty of time to get into the holiday spirit. The one thing we do most often is turn on a holiday movie, pour some wine, and cuddle up on the couch. From the cheesy to the classics, there’s so many to watch. We’ve rounded up a few we love below! 


A Christmas Story – This is a classic. It’s actually Alex’s favorite holiday move. Remember, never lick a frozen pole. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas – Jim Carrey playing this role was the best move. We can’t even say how many times we’ve seen this movie. 

Love Actually – This is a classic holiday rom-com. What’s not to love?

The Polar Express – Who doesn’t want to take a magical train ride to the North Pole?

Home Alone – Another classic movie about a young boy forced to ward off burglars while he’s home alone. We’ve seen this a million times. 

Elf –  The story of a human raised as an elf. WIN.

Four Christmases – Reese Witherpsoon + Vince Vaughn. Need we say more?

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton combines spooky + holiday all in one. It’s the best. 

The Holiday – This is one of Mike’s favorite holiday movies. The thought of spending the holiday in an english cottage with Jude Law. OKAY. 

A Christmas Prince – This is one of the first holiday movies from Netflix. Forget about th fact that it’s super predictable. It’s everything you want in a cheesy holiday movie. We loved it!

What’s on your list? Let us know in the comments below! Until next time…

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5 years ago

All great choices!! Some of these I totally forgot about and need to get into rotation! My top ten:
– The Preachers Wife – Whitney and Denzel and gospel music…buckle up
– Miracle on 34th Street (the 1947 version)
– White Christmas
– A Diva’s Christmas Carol – Vanessa Williams as Ebony Scrooge…the performance of a lifetime
– A Charlie Brown Christmas
– Three Days – Hard to find, but really sweet, Kristin Davis is also just wonderful
– Elf
– A Christmas Story
– It’s A Wonderful Life
– Christmas in Connecticut

Bonus round – awful cheesy holiday movies ya gotta love
– 12 Dates of Christmas – Amy Smart keeps reliving Christmas Eve until she stops being a grinch and tries to woo Zack Morris
– The Christmas Kiss – Wendy has a wild night of eye glitter makeup and kissing a man in an elevator, and keeps the meaning of Christmas in her heart
– Borrowed Hearts – Will from Will & Grace rents a family for Christmas (eye rolls)
– Christmas Every Day – Eric Von Detten can’t stop reliving Christmas until he stops being an angsty teen

Taylor Shepherd
Taylor Shepherd
5 years ago

Who doesn’t love a cozy Christmas movie?! All the ones you listed are fabulous but I’ll have to agree with Alex and say A Christmas Story is my favorite…until this year. Have you seen Love The Coopers? It’s a dysfunctional family trying to have a traditional Christmas. It’s cute and warm and shows so much love (which seems to be amplified during the holidays). Thanks for the amazing work you put into Blogmas!!

Kevin J.
Kevin J.
5 years ago

Elf is literally THE BEST movie for Christmas ❤️?

5 years ago

Love the list, these are always a go to! Guys, I seriously recommend watching It’s A Wonderful Life! Favorite Christmas movie ever!! Its a classic and the romance, humor, pull of the heart strings is all there. Its a great reminder about what christmas is all about!

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