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Coffee in the Park

Coffee in the Park

Happy Monday everyone! Mondays are never fun though a good attitude does help so stay positive! Today on the blog it is all about coffee in the park. We decided to take a stroll through a park that we had never visited before. It was a bit of a gloomy day which was great for walking around. Before we headed to the park we needed coffee because, well, coffee is our one addiction to say the least. We made our way to this trendy little breakfast spot called Little Spoon. This place is amazing! We had breakfast there a few weeks ago and it was so good. It has this super cool vibe inside that is so inviting. If you are ever in the area we highly suggest checking it out. They even have a back patio so you can sit outside and enjoy the outdoors! Though their breakfast is great, we just picked up coffee and made our way to the park. This park was only a few blocks from our apartment though we never even knew it existed. There were people walking their dogs, sitting on benches, and just enjoying the fresh air. We brought along our friend Jenna so we could spend the day together and catch up. The park had these built-in lounge chairs that were so cool. It was a quiet little park hidden away that we were so happy to discover. It was a great day filled with so many laughs.

Have you done any exploring lately? Find a park in your area and check it out! Grab a coffee, a friend, or even a book to take along for the trip. Don’t keep yourself confined to your same little bubble. The world is a huge place that needs to be explored so get out there and explore! We hope you guys have a great week and we will talk to you soon!


final little spoon

final front


final watch and coffee


final mike

final walk

final coffee

final alex

final mike smile


Outfit Details

Mike:  Sunglasses- Ray Ban   Shirt- H&M   Watch- Fossil

Alex:  Sunglasses- Ray Ban   Shirt- Forever 21   Shorts- H&M  Watch- Kenneth Cole

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