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Dinnerware Roundup

Dinnerware Roundup

A lovely reader just asked us if we could write a post about all of our favorite dinnerware. So here we are — you ask, we answer! We wanted to share all of the pieces we actually have but also some that we have had our eyes on for a while. If you’ve been a longtime reader and follower, you know that we love to make every moment an experience. Choosing beautiful dinnerware — plates, glasses, bowl, and flatware — really can have a huge impact. But this isn’t just about entertaining. Honestly, that’s the last thing on our mind when buying something like this. It’s really about how those pieces will make us feel first. Will it be an experience every time we grab a dish of ice cream late at night on a Tuesday? Or dinner for one while Mike is away for the weekend. This is what goes through our mind. Choosing pieces we love, that will in turn also be a beautiful experience while entertaining. It’s like that saying about romanticizing your life. It might sound silly or dramatic but why? Life is precious so make each moment special — even down to the fork you use. Okay, enough ranting. Let’s get to this roundup.

West Elm

Our Place 

Felt & Fat – Philadelphia Company

Entree Bowl – shop here

Amber Interiors



Crate & Barrel 

That covers the dinnerware we love. But we can’t leave out wine glasses seeing as how we’ve built a collection over the years. Linking all of the glasses we have that would be a great addition to your home!


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