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Fall Refresh: Our Guest Bedroom

Fall Refresh: Our Guest Bedroom

Surprise! We have another room refresh for you. This time, we decided to give a our guest bedroom a face lift. Even though it’s a space that is not utilized by us very often, we want it to be an extension of our personal interior design style. We want it to be a place our guests can feel at home. You know we love to make every moment an experience. That doesn’t just go for the two of us. We extend that motto to our friends, family and everyone that we may come in contact with.

When we first moved into our home we painted the guest bedroom this deep charcoal gray and used pieces we already had in our previous home. For those wondering, the color is called ‘Ancestral’ by Behr. The overall space was great and really worked well for us. But… being the design lovers that we are, it was time to add a few new pieces to the room. We were lucky enough to work with Thuma to bring a sense of warmth and depth to the space. We chose a walnut wood platform bed with an off-white linen pillowboard. This bed felt like the best of both worlds. It was a combination of our love for warm wood and linen. To accompany the bed, we chose an upcycled solid walnut wood nightstand. The sharp edges make for a sophisticated piece of furniture that elevates the room. We kept the swivel arm accent light above the night stand. Honestly, the light has been one of our favorite accents in the room. It provides function and beauty acting as a sculptural piece while also diffusing beautiful light.

We used to have our SoulCycle bike in the room opposite to the bed. But it really was taking up too much room so we decided to move it to the basement. We did like having the natural light but we can do without in the name of design. Now that we freed up that area, we created a cozy seating moment, perfect for guests. We were lucky enough to already have pieces in storage that we could use. Now it’s the perfect area for someone to sit down with a book and a glass of wine and unwind from the day. We actually have been using it too as a different spot to work.

We’re so excited to welcome our first guests this weekend — Alex’s brother and his family. The space has a new look and is ready to be enjoyed. We hope they love it as much as we do! Until next time…


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