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night shift

I (Mike) get so many questions about how I manage my night shift schedule as a nurse and the rest of our life. I’ve talked about my routine in the past but figured it was time to put it all down into a blog post. This way you will really get a feel for how I make it all work. If you don’t already know, I work the weekend program —  Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, from 7 PM to 7 AM. I chose this schedule because it allows me to be off during the week to work with Alex on the blog and our other projects. It’s great to stay consistent by working three days in a row and having four consecutive days off. Since those “off” days are packed, I need to switch back to a normal schedule pretty quickly. To be honest, it’s hard and not for everyone. It took me quite some time to get into a rhythm and feel okay doing it. But for me, the pros outweigh the cons.

I do things a little bit differently than other people when it comes to prepping for the night shift. A lot of my friends go to sleep at a normal time the night before and just nap during the day to get ready. I honestly have no idea how they do it. I’ve tried that in the past and I am so tired during the shift. Instead, I stay up as long as I can on the night before my first shift. Since that day happens to be Friday, Alex and I always have a pizza and movie night so that helps. If I’m lucky, I make it to 5 AM and sleep until 2 PM. This way I really pack in as many hours as possible to keep me going during my shift. I’ve found this is the only way I can make it through the night. I also make sure to drink tons of water, eat healthy foods, and workout throughout the weekend (more on that in a second) to keep me going.

After the first shift, I get home around 8:30 AM, shower, and try to get to sleep by 10 AM. I then sleep until 4 PM. I do the same thing for my last night. Something I’ve found that has really helped me sleep during the day is CBD. I’ve talked about this countless times on stories — it’s truly a miracle worker. Lord Jones is my go-to brand. It’s a bit pricey but lasts a long time and makes the world of difference. Occasionally I also take melatonin if I’m having extra trouble falling asleep. It just depends on how I’m feeling.

I don’t leave for work until 6 PM so I always try to fit in a workout. Sometimes I find myself wanting to stay in bed longer but I know that if I get my body moving, I will feel so much better. It truly makes a huge difference. But don’t worry, if you feel like you need that extra hour of sleep, don’t push yourself to exercise. Listen to your body. This is what works for me. Now, here’s where I change it up so I can get back to normal life on Tuesday (first day off). I go to sleep at 10 AM on Tuesday morning and only sleep until 2ish. I never sleep more than 4 hours on my first day off. This way I will be tired by the time I go t0 bed that night. Sometimes it can be hard to actually fall asleep that morning because I am so excited to be off work — I want to hang out with Alex, jump on stories, etc. But I force myself to get right to bed. It’s a bit rough when I first wake up and I drink lots of coffee but this is the easiest way to snap my body back into a normal routine.

If you are a fellow nightshift worker, you might do something totally different. Let me know what you do in the comments below! As I mentioned, a lot of my friends follow other routines. But this is the only way I am able to make it through my three-day stretch and then get back to normal life. Sending you lots of love xo.

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Molly Zimmerman
Molly Zimmerman
1 month ago

yes! we do the same thing for our nights off, but i just take a little nap the day of my first shift back (if i’m lucky! )

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