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Three Ways to Help Improve Your Mental Health

Three Ways to Help Improve Your Mental Health

We’ve been thinking about intentions a lot lately. This past year has been really tough for everyone. Not that a new year automatically changes everything, it does however give us an opportunity to take note of how we are feeling. Of course, we set goals but we also want to set intentions that help us both physically and mentally. So much is unknown this year and out of our control. But something that is in our control is how we approach each day. Some days will be hard and others might seem normal. Regardless, we want to use this year to better ourselves.

Start each morning by reciting three things you are grateful for. 

We talk about gratitude a lot. If there’s one lesson 2020 taught us it’s to be thankful for the little things. So much of our daily life is taken for granted. Rather than just thinking about the big things, try to appreciate the simple moments in your life. We’ve been doing this each morning and it truly makes a world of difference. Maybe you are thankful for the afternoon sun coming through your window and creating a beautiful moment. Or the fact that you can freely walk up and down your stairs with no trouble. No matter what comes to mind, take note of those things every morning. You can recite it in your mind or write it down in a journal. No matter what you do, be intentional about it.

Create a safe space for yourself to unwind and decompress. 

On those days that seem overwhelming, we like to take some alone time to unwind and relax. It’s important to define a space or activity in your home that gives you that escape. For Alex, it’s a hot bath and a glass of wine. He loves to light some candles and relax. Oh and he loves to add some CBD bath salts to make it feel extra special. Now for Mike, it’s usually a SoulCycle class. This helps center him and resets whatever is going on in his mind. This year we want to be more intentional about doing these things more regularly. Maybe your safe space is a cozy corner and a good book. Or a walk around the block with your dog. Make it feel personal and special to you.

Be kind to yourself and validate your feelings. 

It’s okay to feel like the world is on fire. It’s also okay to be happy while others are sad. One thing we’ve learned this past year is that there shouldn’t be shame attached to feelings. 2020 was really interesting for us. Emotionally, we felt all over the place. But even amidst all of that, we grew our business and reached goals we hadn’t imagined possible. It felt strange for this to be happening during the worst year possible. That’s not to say we didn’t have rough days, too. But we learned that no matter what we are feeling, it is valid. We want to take this lesson with us as we move through 2021. Be kind and patient with yourself.

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3 years ago

More content like this! Love info on mental wellness. Keep it up!

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