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Meet Toby!

Meet Toby!


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Well, we are officially parents! We have been wanting to get a puppy for the longest time, but our landlord had always said no…until now! Meet Toby: a black mini golden doodle. He is the sweetest puppy in the world. Toby is 3 months old and full of energy. So. Much. Energy. Now, we don’t regret getting Toby one bit, but having a puppy is no easy task. We truly feel like we have a child to care for. Being a dog owner does not mean you simply feed and walk them and that is all. It is so much more than that. We thought we were prepared for everything, but no one is ever really prepared. For starters, puppies chew everything. We mean everything! He is in the teething stage so shoes beware. Puppies also seem to pee 283473847 times a day. Oh, and that pee usually goes right on the kitchen floor. Yippee! We aren’t trying to sound negative but only realistic. These are just some of the responsibilities that come with being a pet owner. You must be a parent and teach them right from wrong. We have only had Toby for a little over two weeks, but we are already in love. Aside from his (expected) accidents, he is learning really fast. He loves to cuddle up with us and be lazy (our favorite activity) so he fits in really well. We can’t wait to watch him grow over the next few months and take him on some awesome adventures. He has already done a ton of traveling over this holiday break so he is already off on the right foot. If you are thinking of getting your very own puppy, make sure you are ready for the responsibility. We had to change up our entire schedule just so that we could make sure we made time for Toby. If you aren’t quite ready, that is fine. We waited a really long time until we knew we were finally in a good place. When you do decide to welcome a puppy into your family, be ready for tons of puppy kisses and couch cuddles. Until next time…

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Stephanie Gursky
Stephanie Gursky
8 years ago

Doodles are the best!

8 years ago

Yes, they are! He is the best!

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