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We received so many questions about our decision to return the Peloton and buy the SoulCycle bike instead. At first glance, we know it might seem silly or dramatic  — but we promise there was actual thought behind it. We initially wanted the SoulCycle bike. If you’ve been following us for a while, you know our love for Soul. Before the pandemic, we were going 3-4 times per week. We can truly say that Soul changed our entire thought process behind working out. But unfortunately, the at-home bike wasn’t available in Philadelphia when we were looking to buy it and there was no set date for when it would be ready. Instead of waiting for months, we decided to go with the Pel0ton. We heard really good things and figured it was the next best option.


The SoulCycle at-home bike costs $2,500, plus tax, which includes shipping and handling and five SoulCycle classes. You also need to sign up for the Variis app, which costs $40 a month and requires a 12-month commitment. This gives you access to the on-demand classes. When you purchase the bike, you are also sent a gift box from SoulCycle. The box includes the signature SoulCycle candle (Jonathan Adler Grapefruit), a S’well water bottle, and a crystal.

Peloton’s at-home bike starts at $2,245 for the “basics package,” with the on-demand class subscription costing $39 a month. At the slightly more comparable price of $2,494 for the “works package,” you can get the Peloton bike plus a pair of shoes, a pair of weights, a pair of headphones, a heart rate monitor, and a bike mat. We had a friend’s promo code so we got our shoes for free. We decided to go with the basic package.

When paying for the Peloton bike, you have the option to pay for it monthly with Affirm or pay for it all at once. You don’t have the same option with SoulCycle. This is something to consider if you would rather pay for it monthly at 0% APR.


This is the biggest difference in our eyes. Like we already said, we initially chose the Peloton bike because the SoulCycle bike wasn’t available. From the moment we started riding the Peloton, we couldn’t help but compare it to Soul. You probably remember how much we talked about it on our IG story. We were always looking for classes and instructors that gave us that Soul feeling. We found some that came close but it was never the same.

We want to be a bit more specific since we know a lot of you want details. If you are an avid SoulCycle rider, you will understand some of the things we mention when comparing to Peloton. You hardly ever “run” during a Peloton class. There also isn’t any choreography like Soul. When it comes to resistance, Peloton uses numbers. They call it the cadence. You adjust the cadence to land in a specific window (ex: 45-55). You then try to stay in that range. That’s very different from Soul. When you add resistance, it’s all about the feeling. Add a touch, take some off, etc. We obviously prefer the Soul method. There is also a leader board with Peloton where you can track your performance. You are able to move that off the screen while riding but we still don’t like that feature. We don’t want to feel like we are in competition with anyone else.

From the moment the SoulCycle bike was delivered, we noticed huge differences. The bike felt much sturdier than the Peloton. For some reason, our Peloton always felt wobbly. We did everything they said to do when it came to stabilizing the bike. We adjusted the legs, tightened screws, etc. But it just never felt that stable. Maybe it was just our bike? But we did read online that others had experienced the same thing. So when the SoulCycle bike was delivered, the difference was huge. The bike was super stable and just felt like it was higher quality. There’s almost no comparison.

The at-home SoulCycle bike also feels exactly like the bikes you ride in class. It’s gritty yet smooth. We always felt like the Peloton didn’t ride as smoothly. It just always felt off to us. But once again, we are comparing it to SoulCycle. That’s what this all comes down to. If you are an avid SoulCycle rider, the Peloton doesn’t come close. However, if you don’t really care about SoulCycle and want to save a few hundred dollars, the Peloton is a good choice. It’s also a good choice if you are a numbers person. If you like to see how you a doing during class, you will like how the Peloton tracks your numbers. Peloton is also a good choice if you want a “typical” spin class.

Both bikes are great choices for your at-home workouts. It comes down to what you like in your spin classes. If you are an avid SoulCycle rider, Peloton doesn’t come close. But if you don’t really like Soul, then Peloton is a great choice. No matter what you choose, you will get a great workout!

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5 months ago

Thanks for writing this – have finally decided to get a bike at home, since Equinox in my area is likely to never reopen!! Ugh. In any case, since I am an Equinox member I think it makes more sense for me to look into the Soul bike since you get the Variis app for free and it can connect back to my gym membership. I also enjoy the soul like flow more than the fly wheel type (which is what Peloton seems like). Only question is: do you just buy your shoes somewhere else?



Andree J
Andree J
4 months ago

During the pandemic I used a close friend’s peloton a couple of times; it was ok, like any other spin class and the bike didn’t feel smooth and comfy. On Sunday soulcycle reopened in my area and had my first class since the lockdown. Sorry peloton lovers, there’s no comparison between the two. I was debating whether to get the peloton (so as not to hurt my friends’ feelings) and continue to go to soulcycle but to do that is sheer stupidity.

3 months ago

hi there — the only negative review i’ve heard is that soul didn’t get the rights to the ‘good’ music; have you noticed a difference in the quality of music (for ex: i heard that they can’t play taylor swift, justin beiber, other big names like that)? thx!

2 months ago

Im deciding right now between the two bikes. Im leaning Soulcycle, but im curious about one thing… the classes for SC They are pre-recorded, right? None of them are live? Do you notice a difference when taking a class?

Maggie K
Maggie K
1 month ago

This is so helpful! Thank you!!

1 month ago

Did you have issues returning your Peloton? I am considering returning mine for the SoulCycle bike too and am worried I won’t get any money back.

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