We Lime Washed Our Home: The Textured Upgrade of 2022

As you know, our latest home project was lime washing our first floor. Well, it’s finally done! Omg we have been so excited to share this with you. We wrote about why we wanted to do this project a few weeks ago. If you’ve been a longtime reader, you know how much we love lime wash. We painted both of our bathrooms with lime wash last year. Both rooms turned out exactly how we wanted but we did realize that we have limits lol. The first floor isn’t huge but it is a lot bigger than one small bathroom. Lime wash takes a lot of patience and proper technique. We decided the best move was to hire a professional. After searching for someone that was trained in lime wash application, we landed on Made by Mota. We truly cannot recommend them enough! We were so impressed with their attention to detail, cleanliness, and quality of work. If you are looking to hire a painter in Philadelphia, we highly recommend checking them out.

Now onto the finished space. The color (mission) is exactly what we were looking for. It’s described as a warm and creamy driftwood color. We totally agree. We didn’t want something too light or too dark, rather right in the middle — adding some warmth and depth without shrinking the space. We don’t have a lot of windows on the first floor so we had to be mindful of that too. After three coats, the walls were exactly what we envisioned. We are beyond happy with the space. It feels like a warm and cozy oasis now. What do you think?! xo

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