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Our Next Home Project Starts Today

Our Next Home Project Starts Today

Today is the official start of our next home project. But this time we enlisted the help of professionals — more on that in a second. We’ve been making our way through each room since we first moved in back in September 2019. Since then, we’ve made a ton of changes. One of our most favorite transformations definitely has to be the guest bathroom. We decided to lime wash the entire room, even the ceiling and door. It created the most cozy and intimate space. This project also kickstarted our love for lime wash. We then went on to do the same thing to our primary bathroom. We just love the texture and movement this paint and technique creates. Fast forward to our new project, lime washing our first floor. Yes, the entire first floor. We’ve done so much to this area in our house — renovated the kitchen, dining room, you name it. But the builder’s grade gray walls have been a real eye sore for us. Not only is the gray not our style, it shows so many scuff marks. We also want to warm up this area in our home — creating a cozy experience.

Mission by Portola Paints

Now even though we did the lime wash ourselves in both bathrooms, we knew this space was going to be a lot harder. Lime wash takes a lot of time and patience. We love how much we can do ourselves but also know our limits. That’s why we decided to hire a painter that specializes in lime wash. We didn’t want to take any chances with this main living area. As far as the color choice, we went back and forth between a few. We knew we wanted to use Portola Paints and luckily, so did our painter. At first we thought about the color Bistrot but realized it had too many green undertones that would clash with the kitchen cabinets. But it is such a beautiful color. Instead, we’ve decided to go with the color Mission. It’s the exact vibe we are going for — a warm and creamy driftwood color. Not too dark since we don’t have a ton of natural light on the first floor. Rather, a super cozy color that will create a beautiful ambiance in the space. We are so excited to get this project started. It should take about a week from start to finish, including all the prep work and wall repairs needed — specifically the bar area. If you remember, the shelves we have above the bar fell a few weeks ago. It was a disaster! RIP to the wine glasses we lost. We now need the holes in that wall repaired before it can be painted. We’re going to put up new shelves after the painting is finished. More to come on that later so stay tuned. We’re going to be sharing the full lime wash process on Instagram stories so be sure to follow along there this week!

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