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7 Ways to Be More Health Conscious

7 Ways to Be More Health Conscious





Hi Guys! Well, the holiday weekend is over. If you’re anything like us, you totally overindulged the past couple of days. It’s time to get back on the grind and get serious with our health. We thought we would bring you a bit of a different post this week. We decided to sit down and make a list of 7 ways you can be more health conscious. By all means, we aren’t the strictest with our healthy eating. We love pizza just as much as the next person. We also have an obsession with #TacoTuesday. However, we do try to eat pretty healthy. When we start to slack, our bodies start to feel it. Our energy drops and we don’t feel like our normal selves. We thought we would share these tips with you guys in the hopes you get a chance to try these out. Luckily, a lot of these are common sense and fairly easy to do. The best part is your body will love you for it.

7 Ways to Be More Health Conscious

Read labels

This is something EVERYONE should be doing. It’s so important to know what you are eating. You’d be surprised just how many chemicals and additives are in your favorite foods. This rings true especially in “reduced fat” and “light” options. So many companies add extra ingredients just so they can remove the fat. That doesn’t mean it’s better for you. It’s so important to understand what you are eating. Next time you pick something up, turn it over and take a look before you take a bite. The less ingredients the better. Believe us when we say you’ll be surprised.

Shop around the perimeter of the store

This is one of the best things you can do to avoid buying the “bad” stuff. Healthier options such as fresh produce, like veggies and fruits, are always kept towards the perimeter of the store. Processed foods are primarily found towards the inside aisles. We all have those cravings for chips and snacks so don’t tempt yourself. Stay towards the outside and choose the healthier options. Avoiding those inner aisles is one of the easiest ways to prevent yourself from giving in and buying that family size bag of Doritos.

Eat real, whole foods

This concept is pretty simple. Eat real foods. Buy whole fruits and veggies when shopping. Pick up raw almonds and other healthy nuts. Eat foods that are in their natural state to avoid the extra chemicals and additives. The less processed the better.

Start your day with water

We can’t stress this enough. Start your morning with a big glass of water. Add lemon for an extra health punch. Water helps jumpstart your metabolism and cleanse your body of any toxins. We all love coffee but hold off for a few minutes while you drink some water. Your body will love you for it.

Don’t shop on an empty stomach

Have you ever gone to the store and bought a ton of junk even though it wasn’t your intention? Did you go on an empty stomach? Chances are you did. It’s a proven fact that you buy less healthy foods when you shop on an empty stomach. Your body is craving food so your eyes gravitate towards the chips and junk just to satisfy your cravings. Go shopping after you’ve eaten and you’re more likely to choose the fruits and veggies. Don’t believe us? Try it out next time and let us know!

Listen to your body

Don’t ignore your body. When you aren’t treating it right, it will let you know. If you start to feel sluggish and tired, take a minute to sit down and think about what you’ve been eating. Have you been eating too much fried food? Maybe too much late-night snacking? Your body responds to your eating habits. If you aren’t sure what’s wrong then make a food journal. Track your daily food intake and narrow down when you are feeling unwell. You may even discover a type of food that doesn’t sit well with you. Better be safe than sorry in our eyes.

Get some zzzz’s

Sleeping is so important. We definitely consider ourselves night owls. This sometimes poses a problem when we try to get to bed at a decent time. We do a lot of work on our blog during the night as well. With that being said, we realize that a lack of sleep really does take a toll on your body. Your body needs that downtime to rejuvenate itself for the next day. You need sleep to help with mental clarity and overall physical health. Without sleep, your body is more prone to sickness and mood swings. No one likes a snippy person! If you have the issue of falling asleep, try some nighttime tea. We swear by this stuff. Drink a cup an hour before bed and your body will slowly start to unwind. This prepares your body for a great night of sleep. Try it out!

We hope you guys get a chance to try some of these tips out. Even incorporating one of these things into your day can really help your energy and overall well-being. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Until next time…


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Keshia White
7 years ago

Great tips! I’ve been trying to start my day with water more regularly now, and it’s definitely helping me get a head start when it comes to getting my 8 glasses a day!


7 years ago
Reply to  Keshia White

So good to hear! Starting your morning off with water is the best. It helps us kickstart our bodies for the day!

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