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We’ve been going through ups and downs during this new normal. We have good days and we have bad days — just like you. But we do feel like we have a pretty good routine for making ourselves feel normal. Just a few things that really help us get through those bad days because let’s be honest — we’re all figuring this out together.


This has been a daily activity for us — especially when the sun is shining. Of course, we take routes that are not populated. If we do run into someone, we always cross the street to avoid contact. We’ve discovered so many new parts of our neighborhood since starting these long walks. Toby has been in heaven! We aren’t sure what he is going to do once life resumes. We use this time to clear our minds, appreciate nature, and take in the home designs around us. We’ve been getting a ton of inspiration for home projects!


It’s obvious how much we love skincare. However, since we’ve been staying home, self-care has increased a ton. In the midst of so much uncertainty, taking some extra time to pamper yourself really does help you relax. Who cares if it’s 2 PM — throw on a face mask! Or even take a hot bubble bath. We’ve found ourselves feeling less stressed when we do these little acts of self-love. We love to throw in some CBD bath salts, light a candle, and take some time to clear our minds.


We love to create an experience with almost everything we do. Now more than ever. We don’t just grab a coffee and move on with the day. We make it a special moment. We make a latte in our Nespresso machine, turn on some music, and relax. Even for just a few minutes. It allows us to take a deep breath and ground ourselves. It’s not just about the caffeine fix.


This one might sound obvious and like something you’ve heard everywhere on the internet. Before all of this started, we had a pretty good routine going. We went to SoulCycle and Barry’s regularly. Though it was more than just getting fit. Working out is truly like therapy for us. It allows us to rid ourselves of any negative thoughts and work out any frustrations. Once the stay at home order started, we tried to stay motivated but it wasn’t going so well. We know not everyone can do this but we were fortunate enough to have the ability to buy a Peleton. We waited 3 weeks for it to be delivered! Since having it, our stress levels have gone down tremendously. It reminds us of the normalcy we had before. We aren’t saying you need to go buy a bike right now. But we are saying to find a workout or setup that takes you back to the routine you had before this all started. That simple reminder will really help ground you.


We’re all going through it right now. Anxiety and depression are affecting so many people. We won’t lie — we’ve had some rough days. But one thing that has helped tremendously is sharing those feelings. We don’t hold them in because that only does more harm than good. We are constantly talking with each other, friends, and family. That doesn’t mean we are just calling to say hi. We are actually asking for help when we feel low. We are all in this together. There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to your mental health. We are constantly trying to break down the stigma. Just like you would call the doctor if you need help, call your friend when you are feeling down. It really makes the biggest difference.

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Sean Page
Sean Page
4 years ago

Jealous you two have a Pelaton! The outdoor walks have definitely been nice, & gardening 😉

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