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Here’s the Thing About Love

Here’s the Thing About Love

We wanted to do something different for this year’s Valentine’s Day post. In the past, we’ve done gift guides or something along those lines. But this year we wanted to talk about love in a different way. We’ve been together for (almost) 7 years. It’s pretty crazy when we think about how much time has gone by since we first met. We’ve learned a lot about each other and what it takes to be in a relationship — or at least what it takes to be in our relationship.

We’ve learned one big lesson since being on social media for the last 5 years — you only see what people want you to see. We receive messages all the time saying “couple goals” and “you guys are so perfect”. As sweet as that is, we always keep it real. We both love each other so much but nothing is perfect. Just like any other relationship, we have our ups and downs. We really try our best to show just about everything on Instagram because, well, why not. We don’t see the point of putting out some false picture of perfection. News flash: perfection doesn’t exist and that’s okay.

As we get older, we’ve realized that life can get messy. Work, family, friends — it can all be a lot to handle. Sometimes those things take a toll on your relationship. We’ve learned that in those moments, it’s important to communicate. We don’t turn away from each other but instead turn towards each other. We do our best to talk it out. It’s also vital to work on yourself individually. No relationship can survive if you neglect yourself. We both have certain parts of ourselves we are constantly working on. Whatever those things may be, we make an effort to improve for the sake of a better relationship. It’s all about growth!

The bottom line here is no relationship is perfect. No matter what someone says. We fight, we argue, we annoy the hell out of each other sometimes. But we also love, laugh, and genuinely enjoy each other. That’s what makes a relationship tick. We just want to remind you that nothing is perfect. Don’t strive for some false narrative about a relationship that you’ve seen in a movie. We’re all human and we have our flaws. But love does exist and we’re lucky to have found each other so early on in life.

We’re sending you all so much love today. You mean the world to us and we’re giving you a big hug through whatever screen you are reading this on lol. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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4 years ago

But seriously: y’all are the cutest and these photos are gorgeous! Sending a big hug right back!

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