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How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

morning coffee. health benefits of coffee

health benefits of coffee. how much coffee is too much

morning coffee. health benefits of coffee

It’s no secret that we love our coffee. It marks the start of the day. We wake up looking forward to this moment. For us, it allows us to create a morning experience that sets the tone for the day. It really does mean that much to us. As much as we love our Nespresso machine, we’ve really been into french press coffee lately. We are working on a blog post on the process now so stay tuned for that. But until then, trust us when we say it is worth the extra work.

Even though most people drink coffee to wake up in the morning, there are actual health benefits. But we aren’t referring to the sugar-filled coffee drinks from Starbucks. Black coffee with some dairy-free cream is the way to go. Obviously leaving out the cream is even better but we like a little sweetness.


  • Increases energy and improves concentration
  • Boosts metabolism – helps you burn fat
  • More mentally aware
  • Drinking before a workout can help boost your performance
  • High in antioxidants –  Antioxidants help fight free radical damage. Polyphenol (type of antioxidant) helps decrease oxidative stress.
  • Can aid in reducing depression
  • Some research shows it can decrease your risk for cancer and type 2 diabetes
  • Can aid with your cardiovascular health

Even though the list of benefits is long, there is a negative side to drinking coffee. We have friends that can’t drink caffeine because it makes them feel super jittery. Obviously you don’t want to mess around with that. If that’s not you, then you still want to be mindful of how many cups of coffee you are drinking in a day. We tell ourselves this daily when we are tempted to have another cup lol. There’s a lot of research out there that states 3 cups is the max you should have in a day. Roughly 400 mg. After that, you can really start to feel negative effects. We’ve experienced this a few times. Our stomachs start to hurt, we feel jittery and anxious — just all around not good. There’s actual science behind it, too. Studies have shown you have an increased heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety from too much caffeine. We’ll pass on all that and just stick to 2 cups a day, with the occasional third if we are really struggling. What’s your cup number??

Remember, we are not medical professionals and this information comes from research/studies.

Always consult a doctor with questions. 


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