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We always try to keep it real with you guys. We are so not the people to put out this persona of perfection just to make you guys like us. That’s just not us. It’s all about keeping things authentic and relatable. Because let’s face it, life is so not perfect. One thing we’ve been dealing with lately is feeling negative. To be honest, negative might not be the best word to use. But feeling down nonetheless. Before you form any opinions, we are well aware of how many things we are lucky to have. Aside from the million and one things that we love about our lives, negative thoughts still come into the picture. For us, it has to do with blogging and following our passions. UGH. We need to take a deep breath before we unload all of this  — mainly to ensure we form a coherent blog post.

We LOVE blogging. Starting our blog has truly been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We’ve created something together that allows us to share our thoughts and passions with all of you guys. But with every passion you follow, come ups and downs. We started our blog as a creative outlet. It was never something we did to make money or start a new career. If you’ve been reading the blog since the beginning, you remember that we didn’t even know this was a career. We started our site because we needed an escape. We were bored and needed something creative to work on. We thought it would be cool if our moms would read our posts and that’s about it — we aren’t joking by the way. Fast forward almost 3 years, blogging has become a business for us. Of course, it is absolutely still a passion and creative outlet, it’s just the business aspect has been added on top.

Let’s clarify what we mean by business. At the end of the day, we want to create content that inspires you. From home design to style, to recipes and skin care, we want to share posts that inspire and motivate. While doing this, we partner with brands that we truly love and support. Earning your trust has been the greatest gift and we would never take advantage of that for one minute. If we think you would love learning about a product or brand, we may partner with them to share it with you. As this business has grown, our desire to commit to fully has grown. The thought of taking the blog to the next level is a dream. But lately, we’ve questioned if that will happen. Mainly because the blogging industry can be tough. Scratch that — the blogging industry IS tough. We’ve encountered situations we never thought we would and that has made us question ourselves.


Alright, let’s pause for a second. We know we’ve just unloaded a ton of stuff. But like we said, it’s all about keeping it real. All of this “stuff” has created negativity, doubt, and fear. We’ve taken the past few weeks to really talk things over with each other. Can we keep going? Is it all worth it? The answer to both of those questions is yes. 100% yes. But why? The negative thoughts didn’t just disappear. They are very much alive and kicking. The reason we answered yes is that the positive thoughts outweigh the negative. We’ve given ourselves permission to be negative. It’s okay to feel sad or upset when it comes to something you love. It’s all about what you do with that negativity. For us, we’re going to use it as fuel — something to keep us going and remind us why we started this site in the first place. We started our blog as a creative project we could work on together. That’s it. Our blog is something we love. It honestly feels like our child. PLEASE DON’T TAKE THAT AS US EQUATING BLOGGING AS ACTUAL PARENTHOOD. We just mean it is something we created together. We are going to use this negative fuel as a constant reminder. Every time we start to doubt ourselves, we’ll remember why we started. We suggest you do the same. No matter what passion you might be working on. Whenever you start to feel down, use that negativity as fuel. Think back to the day you first started. Ask yourself why you did this in the first place. Don’t allow the negativity to control you but motivate you to the next step. When we started to view these negative thoughts in a different light, we felt like we gained control back. We won’t forget why we started and what we’ve gained since — YOU!

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Kenn Wade
Kenn Wade
3 years ago

You guys are so awesome for putting yourself out there and letting people know that it’s not all roses and daisies and it takes a lot of work to balance out life! Always appreciated!

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