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Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend we decided to escape the city and venture to the Poconos. Great weather, the outdoors, and tons of laughs made for one heck of a trip. If you haven’t ever been to the Poconos we highly suggest planning a trip. Aside from the lack of cell service (no snaps!) the Poconos is a great escape from reality. Though we love the city, it is nice to slow things down a bit and disconnect from the world. We invited our friend Abby to come along with us on the trip. She is one of those people who brings so much fun and laughter to any situation. We are lucky to have a house in the Poconos so we were able to have our own little “cabin in the woods” for the weekend and yes, that was a lousy reference to that dumb movie; It’s okay to admit that you wasted your time on that movie too! We started our weekend with some drinks and food while we just enjoyed the outdoors. There’s something so serene about the open space and the quietness of the woods. After we were done eating we tried our hand at some archery. We have a really cool setup where you can shoot a bow and arrow at a few targets. Safe to say that Abby beat us in every competition. After we finally surrendered, we changed and got ready for the bonfire by the lake. What else could you ask for when you have a live band, a huge bonfire perfect for s’mores, and great company?! We spent the majority of Saturday night sitting around the fire and just talking. The weekend really was such a great escape from our normal routine, though by Sunday we were ready to make our way back to the bustling city. We had such a great time and couldn’t wait to share our adventures with you all. Let us know if you ever made a trip to the Poconos and what it was like! Happy Sunday!








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