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alex and mike crossing street in center city

Guys, can you believe the weekend is already over? It seems like our weekends always fly by. Other than getting some R&R, we like to use our weekends to catch up on work and prepare for the next week. As much as we love vegging out on the couch, we try to get as much stuff done as possible. We love being able to go into Monday feeling prepared and ready to take on the world.

We started our weekend with friends, pizza, and wine. For us, there’s no better combination. You guys know our love for pizza and wine! We relaxed on the couch and caught up. It’s so nice being able to get together with friends and vegging out. This helped us prepare for the bulk of the weekend.

alex and mike crossing street in center city

center city, philadelphia home

bluestone lane coffee

We woke up on Saturday morning and got ready for the day. Our first stop was Bluestone Lane for coffee with our newest friend, Anita. She also runs a blog and is the absolute cutest! She’s going to Iceland on Monday and we are crazy jealous. Anita – have fun! We sipped on almond lattes and chatted about our 2017 goals. It’s so important to surround yourself with like-minded people in order to reach your full potential. This was such a great way to recharge our creative minds. We always want to make sure we are creating the best content for you guys!

alex and mike luggage for weekend getaway

alex and mike's group of friends on couch


Next, it was time for an overnight trip to the Philly burbs. Somehow, we always seem to overpack. You can never be overprepared, right? We filled our bags and jumped in the car. Our friends don’t live too far, but far enough that we felt like we were escaping the city for a night. We cracked open some wine, snacked on some goodies, and played games (as seen on the ‘gram). We ended the night with a movie. We finally watched “The Girl on the Train”. SO. GOOD. We won’t spoil it for anyone but we loved the twist! We woke up Sunday morning to Toby waiting for us at the bottom of the bed. Can you guys relate? Dogs do NOT like when you sleep in. We pulled ourselves out of bed and took him for a walk around the block. It was nice being able to let him experience a new area. He loves going on overnight trips!

double knot coffee shop

coffee shot

We ended our day with another coffee shop. You can never have enough espresso! Well, yes you can but everything in moderation, right? We had a great time at Double Knot getting to know a new friend and enjoying some yummy lattes. There’s something about the ambiance of coffee shops that makes us so happy. Our creativity seems to spark and we get this rush of ideas. This makes us even more excited for the new year. This was the perfect way to end our weekend activities. 

So, what about you guys? How was your weekend? Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from you!


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