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house in the fall

house in the fall

bridge at pocono house

from where i stand donut

mike walking to gym

alex working out


picture of wood watch

golden doodle toby

Can we all agree that the weekend always goes by way too fast?! We feel like it’s gone in the blink of an eye. That’s why we like to make the most of our weekends. Mike’s family has a vacation home in the Poconos so we decided to spend some quality time with his dad. Alex drove up late Friday night and we all spent the weekend together, including Toby! For those of you that haven’t visited the Poconos, it’s one of the most relaxing places to spend your weekend. As much as we love the craziness of the city, we equally love unplugging from the world. It’s so nice waking up with the outdoors right at your doorstep. The community has a great recreation center, which meant we had to hit up the gym. It feels so good to actually workout on the weekend rather than hating yourself on Monday for indulging way too much. Of course, we still had our pumpkin donuts (try them here – can be made in donut or bar form)! We watched movies, drank wine, and relaxed both Friday and Saturday night. Those are three of our favorite things! The majority of the day on Saturday was filled with rain. Though most people would hate that, it was just another excuse to sit inside and veg out. Sunday brought sunshine and the ideal conditions to shoot some new content for you guys. We are really excited about the next post – be sure to stay tuned! We loved being able to wake up each morning and enjoy our coffee on the front deck. Toby loved being able to run through the woods and dive into the piles of leaves. We really had such a great weekend recharging and spending quality time with family. Hopefully, you guys had a great weekend as well. Let us know what you did in the comments below. Until next time…



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