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What We’re Doing to Improve Our Sleep

What We’re Doing to Improve Our Sleep

We’ve talked a lot about our sleep routine and how it’s all over the place for Mike. At least when Mike is going from the weekend nightshift schedule to normal life. But on the days we are together, we are trying to be conscious of how we prepare for a good night’s rest. We’ve realized we sometimes complain about the quality of our sleep but don’t really take note of what we did to contribute to that feeling. Over the past few weeks, we’ve started to switch things up a bit and we’re already seeing an improvement. It’s helped with our mental health, relationship, and overall well-being.

First up is having a consistent schedule. Duh, right? Well sometimes it’s easier said than done. We end up starting a new show on Netflix and just have to watch one more episode. Or we start a movie a bit later than we probably should have. You know the drill. But lately, we are really trying to have more willpower over those decisions. We try to start winding down in bed by 10:30 pm every night now. That means we are upstairs doing our skincare routine and getting our mind and body ready to rest. We realize that one of our problems has been using our phone right up until we fall asleep. Seeing as how being on social media is part of our job, it can be really hard to turn it off. There isn’t someone telling us we’re off the clock. It can be 11 pm sometimes and we’re answering emails on our phone or replying to messages on Instagram (we love doing this but maybe not before bed lol). Lately, we finish all of our phone use downstairs before heading up to our bedroom. That means everything — even setting our alarm. Once we walk upstairs, we put our phone on the charger and don’t touch it until the morning. It’s still hard sometimes — we’re not going to act like it’s been smooth sailing. But for the most part, it’s been great.

Okay so now we’re upstairs, our phones are plugged in, skincare is done — it’s time to set the mood. We light a candle to fill the room with a calming scent. Right now we’re burning the Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep candle. The scent is incredible. We are also obsessed with their magnesium body butter. If you don’t already know this, magnesium is a natural relaxant. The scent is beautiful and truly does instantly calm you down. By this point, we’re already feeling so good. Now it’s time to journal, read, or meditate. Depending on how we’re feeling, we might do all three or just one. There’s no right or wrong combination. Though our journal is supposed to be done daily (trying to be more consistent). We use the Project 369 journal, which we discovered from Sai De Silva. Once we’re done with that we might read or meditate. Our current books — Alex: Fearless by Rebecca Minkoff // Mike: Unfuck Your Brain by Faith Harper. If we meditate, we use either Calm or Chopra. Both are amazing apps! Oh we can’t forget that while we’re doing all this, we’re sipping on some sleepytime tea. Kind of a requirement for a good night’s sleep. All of this has helped us so much and we hope it can help you too. Simple changes like this can really make a huge impact. Sleep well! xo

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